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    2015 Grammy’s Best Dress

    “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”
    – Sophia Loren
    I have to say, Taylor Swift was definitely on my Grammy’s best-dressed list! She looked both glamorous and hot while wearing an Elie Saab gown. It as tasteful and elegant and reminded some people a lot of Elsa from Frozen. The Elie Saab dress completely helps bring out the blue sparks in her eyes and her contrasting shoes helps create a sense of playfulness. 
    The fact that her dress is high-low allows for her to show off her trademark legs in a tastefully fashion. It was a great way to make a bold statement. It allows her to walk confidently while also letting the lower ends gracefully flow behind. One key to wearing high-low is that you need to understand that the pattern or the cut is usually enough. It’s best to avoid extreme prints or patterns. You should go for a more solid dress if one wants to look fashionably chic and avoid looking immature. 
    Because it is a high-low, there will definitely be a huge emphasis on your legs. Imagine the dress as a frame for your shoes. This means that you need to find the perfect shoes to match the dress. 
    High-low also helps create an illusion of you being taller. However, you also need to walk with a proper posture and poise. As you can see, Taylor did not wear any bold accessories with her. This is because too many accessories will draw attention away from the beautiful cut of the dress. 
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