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    3 Easy Ways to Get Yourself to Gym

    It’s almost 2019! I’m sure everyone is dying to make a new year resolution again! So why not skip that and just start right away? If you’re anything like me, we’ve definitely have fallen behind in this year’s resolution. Here are some simple tips to get yourself back on track to the gym.

    Start Small

    Most of us tend to have an all or nothing mentality. Our excitement of improve ourselves often precede the ability to it all. When you’re getting back into pace at the gym, it’s better to start smaller and then slowly but surely get back to where you were before. Rome wasn’t built in one day! In the long run, it is much better to give yourself enough appropriate time to get back into the habit and pace.

    Set Up Goals Properly

    Make sure you keep your goal realistic and seeable. Just like your workout, you gotta start small and celebrate each and every achievable goal. Getting the right goal is key to encouraging behaviour change in fitness. Make sure you use the SMART goal: Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound. Accept that there will be setbacks on your goal, sometimes they could be out of your control. When that happens, make sure you find yourself getting back on track.

    Creativity Matters

    Sometimes there are days you can’t get to the gym. Despite that, everyone can make a little time for exercise during their busy day. One can easily get overwhelmed with thinking about how long a gym session could take. When you can’t find time to head into the gym, try to fit in some little movements or activities into your life. You can do simple workouts for a few minutes during the day. Even just a walk during your lunch break could make a huge difference.

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