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    About Me

    Thanks for reading my blog!

    Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a very strong drive to write and inspire, educate and entertain my readers. Growing up in Hong Kong, I was able to experience a beautiful culture where the East meets West. This has indefinitely shaped me into the person I now am. With these accumulated experience, I have taken upon myself to write it down into a collection of little posts.

    Now, I am living in Vancouver and sharing some tips with you on how to improve your life!

    Please feel free to contact me!

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    One thought on “About Me

    1. How fun that you found me! I also share experience of having lived in two different cultures. Only stopped over in HK on flights – that landing ramp is an experience! And have almost been to Vancouver: took a day-trip on the ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. The plants in the park there were the same as in Sweden. On maybe improving you life, see my post 21 rules to live by ;-)

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