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    Aveeno Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion Review

    As an adult, I always like to use baby sunscreen. Aveeno’s Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion is one of the sunscreen that I prefer to use. A good quality sunscreen can help reduce your risk of skin cancer and slow down and even undo the signs of skin aging. If there is only one thing you can put on your face, make sure it’s sunscreen during the day. It is one of the best ways to protect your skin. 

    My skin is very sensitive and generally when you’re not sure about the ingredients, it is pretty safe to use baby products because of how gentle it is for your skin. Baby and sensitive adult sunscreen both use the same active ingredients. As shown, this Aveeno’s Baby Mineral Sunscreen uses a naturally sourced zinc.  The great thing about this is that it is a physical ingredient for the sunscreen that only stays on the surface of your skin and therefore you cannot absorb it into your skin. 

    Zinc is an active ingredient that helps reflect the light off your skin. It’s present in both adult and baby sunscreen and the difference is that adult versions tend to have smaller particles of zinc so that the sunscreen is easier to apply to your face and doesn’t leave as much of a white cast. Zinc is able to protect you against both UVA and UVB rays. It is photostable and considered broad-spectrum as it is considered as an ingredient that has the broadest range of UVA coverages. Furthermore, because it is a physical blocker, the sunscreen will work as soon as you apply it. Therefore you won’t need consider applying it 20 minutes before your activity. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore it will be good for people with sensitive skin. 

    This product also includes oat that is mild and soothes your skin. Aveeno uses colloidal oatmeal, it’s basically grounded oatmeal that is placed in a liquid form to make it better for your skin. It’s commonly used in skincare products. Oatmeal is great for those with dry, itchy or flaky skin. It might also help people with eczema. Studies have shown that products that have oatmeal added into them tend to do better at keeping your skin moisturised. 

    The reason why this is a physical sunscreen is because babies and children tend to have a thinner and more absorbent skin than adults. Because of that, it’s generally safer for kids to put on physical sunscreen so that the product won’t be absorbed into their young skin. Physical sunscreens are also less likely to clog your pores. 

    Despite this being a physical sunscreen product, you will still need to reapply it. One of the most negative parts of a physical sunscreen is that it can be rubbed off, rinsed off or sweat off easily. Because it is not absorbed into your skin, it is only effective when it’s on your skin. If you’re just going out and about, you should reply it after around 2 hours. This product is water resistant, despite that, if you sweat or swim, you should apply it after 80 minutes. It is water resistant and not waterproof and no sunscreen is 100% effective. Being protected from the sun is very important and you should always put it on whenever you go outside or stay indoor near the sun. 

    This product has an SPF of 50. This is pretty high and that is a good thing. The SPF number lets you know how long it will take for your skin to burn. For example, an SPF 50 will take me 50 times longer for my skin to burn than without. An SPF of 50 will only allow 2% of the sun rays to hit your skin, a higher SPF protection will allow you more coverage and protection against sunburn. 

    If you have sensitive skin, I believe the Aveeno Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 is for you. Despite it leaving a slight white cast on your face, I believe this formula is great for sunscreen. Make sure you remember not to touch your face and re-apply the sunscreen when you feel like it’s coming off. I found it slightly harder to run it onto my skin at times as it leaves a white cast. You will need to spend some time to rub it gently onto your skin. Other than that, there’s nothing negative I have to say about this product. 

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