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    Benefits of Using Epsom Salt Bath for Sore Muscles 

    Epsom salt is often a popular item people use in their baths. It is commonly used to help ease health problems such as muscle soreness or stress. Epsom salt originated from Epsom, a place in England where they found it in natural springs. It is called a salt because of the chemical structure in it. It is something that is easily available anywhere and cost relatively cheap. 

    Epsom salt dissolves in warm water, so make sure the water you take a bath in is warm. It is suggested that you use around 1 to 2 cups of Epsom salt in a standard sized tub, anything more might be drying to your skin. If you do not have a tub, you could always soak your feet in a bowl of Epsom salt and warm water. Generally, try to soak for at least 15 minutes and relax. 

    In addition, you don’t always have to just soak in Epsom salt. There are a lot of bath products that add Epsom salt with other beneficial ingredients to help you relax and decrease muscle soreness. For example, Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt includes Epsom salt with lavender. Not only does it soothe your muscles, it also has lavender which adds to the soothing properties and helps relax your mind to promote a better sleep. 

    When you put Epsom salt into water, it breaks down into both sulphate, magnesium and oxygen. Most of the benefits that are reported by people is due to the magnesium in the salt. When it is broken down in water, it is claimed that the magnesium and sulphate ions that are released is absorbed into your skin. It is believed that your body can detoxify by osmosis. Officially, there is no scientific basis on the benefits of Epsom salt, however there are a lot of people who claim that it helps them.

    What you should know is that there is almost no scientific evidence for using Epsom salt baths. However, there has been research for other uses of Epsom salt. For example, studies have shown that people can use Epsom salt as laxatives or even consuming it to treat the deficiency of magnesium. 

    Regardless of scientific data, there has been many people who claimed using Epsom salt in baths have helped them reduce their muscle soreness. It is suggested that the magnesium is helpful because it can help your body use glucose and lactic acid to enhance your exercise performance. Magnesium is also suggested to help increase relaxation and reduce inflammation. The sulphate in Epsom salt is said to help with detoxification and recovery of your body. 

    You can also use Epsom salt as an exfoliant. You can put some on your hands to scrub your skin and face. The coarse texture on the Epsom salt can help remove the dead skin cells on your body while also preventing irritation from anti-inflammatory properties. It is also believed that Epsom salt can help your skin with body acne. 

    Despite the benefits of taking an Epsom salt bath is not confirmed by scientific data, taking an Epsom salt bath is cheap and easy. There is no drawbacks into sprinkling some Epsom salt into your tub when you take a relaxing bath. What is important is that if it helps you relax, that’s already a benefit into using it. In addition, you can always try an oatmeal soak, those are also really helpful to you too! 

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