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    Best Donuts in Vancouver

    Deliciously deep fried and doughy, how can say no to a great donut? These Vancouver donut shops are perfect for every occasion, whether it be breakfast, dessert or a birthday treat! Here are Ale’s favourite places go to spots for decadent donuts.

    Cartems Donuteire

    Hands down, this is one of the best donut spots in Vancouver. All their donuts are scratch made everyday in-store. They’re free of trans-fat and doesn’t use any stabiliser or premixes. Their ingredients are also sourced locally and organic wherever they can. Every day they serve their general flavours and 3 of their monthly specials! For me, I personally love the London Fog or the Earl Grey. Bonus point, they offer vegan and gluten friendly donuts for everyone! Check them out at 534 West Pender Street, Vancouver.

    Honey Doughnuts

    This one will require you to head all the way to North Van for the delicious treats. Honey is great with their classics with a slight twist. Their donuts are huge, dense and deliciously cake like. My personal favourite from them is the ones dipped in honey, they’re simply elegant. Plus, Honey is famous for having a large celebrity following.

    Double Double Chinese Restaurant

    If we’re talking about donuts, we gotta give mention to the amazing Chinese donuts at this restaurant. This restaurant is located in Richmond, just recently named as the best place to get Asian food in North America. This restaurant is famous for their Hong Kong style congee. However, they also have famous traditional Chinese fried dough sticks, sweet donut and donut rice rolls. For Chinese peeps, it’s a timeless visit to your childhood. Find them at 128 – 4600 No. 3 Road, Richmond. Don’t forget! They’re a cash-only business, so make sure you bring those money.

    Tim Hortons

    I can never end a post about donuts without mentioning Tim Hortons! They’re the Dunkin’ Donuts for us Canadians, it’s a Canadian must for donuts. There’s nothing more Canadian than sipping a double double while eating their donuts. Tims serves more than donuts though, their Ice Capps and sandwiches are delicious. Boston Cream is my personal favourite, it’s a custard filled donut topped with chocolate glaze. You can find Tims everywhere and all over Canada.

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