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    Best Foundations Under $15

    The Ordinary’s Foundation

    My first choice will always be The Ordinary’s foundation! They have two types of foundations (serum and coverage) and they’re only $6.9 for 30ml! That’s even cheaper than most drugstore qualities of foundation. The Ordinary is currently one of my favourite beauty brands as they are able to provide me with high-quality products for drugstore prices. They pride themselves in providing you with skincare with no additional ingredients. The serum foundation is more lightweight, whereas their coverage one is thicker and as the name says, covers more. Their foundations come in 21 shades and are actually SPF 15 from the titanium dioxide (however, this doesn’t mean you can skip on the sunscreen!). I personally use the lightweight serum, it’s very light and easily blends into the skin using my fingers. The Coverage version is also quite thin in terms of the liquid, however, it is very concentrated. I’m a huge fan as it is able to coat your face without it feeling thick or like a plaster has been placed on. 

    Revlon’s Colourstay Foundation

    Revlon is a great drugstore brand and a cult favourite for many beauty addicts. Their foundation is comfortable, lightweight and designed to last for up to 24 hours. They’re matte foundations, so if you’re looking for a dewy look then this might not be the ideal foundation you would want. I personally found the foundation to be a bit on the thicker consistency. It has a medium coverage and some people might consider the foundation to be slightly heavy on their face. The foundation did not last for 24 hours for me, but it does hold up pretty decent throughout the day. It is easily applied with a beauty blender or your fingers and the creamy texture dries quickly after applying.

    L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup

    This one is true to its name! It is super-blendable and the texture is smooth and creamy and glides onto the skin greatly. The formula is slightly more watery and thin and therefore makes it more blendable. Like the other brands mentioned, a little of this foundation can go a long way. After applying on the skin, it leaves a matte texture and gives you a nice small glow on the face without making it look too greasy. However, for those with oily skin, it might make your face look a bit more greasy after a few hours. It’s hydrating and therefore more suitable for those with more of a dry skin type. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a great substance that helps the skin attract and hold moisture.

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