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    Can I Put Blue Tansy Oil On My Face?

    In the last few years, a small flower that is known as blue tansy has started to become popular in the skincare community. It comes in a very beautiful and vivid shade of blue, therefore making it heavily enticing to me as I love the color blue. It is known to be both nourishing and able to calm your skin, making it a great oil to use in your skincare routine for your face. 

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    What is Blue Tansy Oil?

    Blue tansy oil actually comes from a yellow flower plant called Tanacetum Annuum. Originally, it is harvested in the Mediterranean wilds, however it is nowadays cultivated in mostly Morocco. Because of its Moroccan origin, some people might also know this flower as Moroccan Chamomile or Moroccan Tansy. The flower is actually yellow and when made into an oil, it gives off a nice sweet herbal scent. 

    Even though the flower starts off as yellow, the steam distillation process to make the oil turns it blue. When the flowers and stem are distilled, a chemical component of plant oil called chamazulene is released and turns the oil into a nice deep vibrant blue. This is why in all the skincare products with blue tansy actually comes out blue. 

    Benefits of Blue Tansy 

    Blue tansy is part of the chamomile family. Most of you might know that chamomile is a really good ingredient for your skin. Because it is part of the chamomile family, it shares many of the good benefits that chamomile has for your skin.

    This flower has great benefits for your skin, ranging from skin healing to anti-aging. It is an amazing ingredient that has the ability to soothe, anti-oxidase, heal and even have anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, blue tansy has become a popular ingredient in skincare. 

    No matter what skin type you have (dry, dull, sensitive or others), skincare products with blue tansy oil can really make a huge difference on improving your skin. It is amazingly moisturising, yet gentle enough for even those with the most sensitive skin. The smell of blue tansy is also aromatic and many people find the sweet herbal scent to be relaxing and therapeutic. 

    Anti-inflammatory properties 

    Because it is part of the chamomile family, blue tansy has great anti-inflammatory effects. For those who are prone to inflammation, you can use blue tansy on your face to help reduce redness and inflammation. In fact, chamomile is often traditionally used to help your skin from sunburn and rashes. It penetrates your skin deeply and also gently to help alleviate inflammation and redness. 

    Blue tansy’s healing and anti-inflammatory properties seem to be overall soothing for those who have sensitive skin types. It contains three compounds called apigenin, bisoprolol and chamazulene that gives it their healing and soothing properties. This is why skincare products that contain blue tansy or chamomile are especially popular for those who have sensitive skin. 


    Hyperpigmentation is where a part of your skin might appear darker than your surrounding skin due to melanin being produced too much. This can be caused by inflammation or even injury to your skin. It is most commonly caused by sun damage, acne and hormone changes. 

    Blue tansy is part of the chamomile family that has properties that can help with brightening. Its astringent properties can help soften your skin while reducing hyperpigmentation on your skin. 

    Emotion Benefits

    Not only is blue tansy good for your skin, the scent of it can also have healing properties. The smell of blue tansy can help reduce your stress and therefore improving your skin condition. It can help support your emotions and encourage peace and unity within your mind. 

    Products to Try

    Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Night Oil

    This is a skincare product to be used at night that contains retinol oil with blue tansy. It helps reduce signs of aging, promote skin elasticity and soothe the redness on your skin. It is a great all in one product that works great by itself or paired with a moisturizer. 

    Herbivore – Blue Tansy

    This is a beautiful jar that is completely focused on using blue tansy for your skin. It uses white willow bark to help clarify your skin, fruit enzymes to help exfoliate and smooth and blue tansy oil to reduce redness and irritation. 

    Acure – Seriously Soothing Serum Stick

    This serum stick combines blue tansy with hyaluronic acid. It is a good thirst quencher for your skin as it perfectly combines two ingredients that can be seriously helpful to keep your skin moist and dewy. Both hyaluronic acid and blue tansy are gentle enough for those who have sensitive skin and therefore I would really recommend giving this a try. 

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