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    Does Splenda Break Your 16/8 Intermittent Fasting?

    Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular diet for those who want to lose weight or improve their health. Although we call it a diet, it is essentially an eating pattern where you control the time you eat instead of the amount. In the bare minimum, it does not suggest what you should eat or not. Instead, it is only focused on the time you eat and the time you fast. The 16/8 intermittent fasting means that you spend 16 hours a day not eating or drinking anything that has calories and 8 hours where you are free to eat anything you want. For this method, you could basically skip breakfast or dinner so that you fit your meals within the 8 hours. 

    During your fasting zone, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything with calories. If you were to eat or drink anything, it would break your fast and the benefits of fasting will drop. When you are fasting, your insulin drops and human growth hormones eventually goes up. These two hormones are very important to you and does its best while you are fasting. Lower insulin makes it possible for your body to access your fat storage easier and having lower insulin is a good preventative measure to getting diabetes type 2. However, once you eat or drink something with calories, your body will increase the hormones to help process and store the energy. 

    Because most diet drinks contain no calories, most people wonder whether it is possible to drink them. For some people, drinking diet sodas might be a frequent thing in their diet. Some might think drinking it helps curb them from eating. One thing you need to consider is what you are dieting for. Most people usually diet to lose weight, reset your digestive system and autophagy. Most people who do intermittent fasting assume that as long as you are not eating any calories while you are fasting, you are fine. But that isn’t true at all! In fact, something that has 0 calories can actually break your fast and some foods with calories might not break your fast at all. 

    No calories sweeteners can actually impact your insulin receptors in your body while it does nothing to your blood glucose levels. Other sweeteners can also make your GI tract in your body respond despite not having any calories to react to at all. Even if some sweetener have calories, the type of the calories in the sweetener also matters. 

    Some sweeteners contain amino acids, this means that it has the ability to stop and prevent autophagy from happening in your body. Aspartame is a low calories sweetener that contains two amino acids. When ingested, they are broken down and used for protein synthesis and metabolism. Splenda is different from that, it is made from real sugar! The sugar is processed chemically and then it creates Splenda. Even though it is calorie free, it contains carbohydrates dextrose (glucose) and maltodextrin. Because of that, it might have a negative impact on your metabolism and thereby impacting your fat loss. Studies have shown that people who are general users of Splenda can have altered gut habitat and therefore could impact your sugar metabolism.  

    The idea of whether sweetener makes an impact on your fast has been a huge debate in the nutritional community. There has been very little agreement on whether it has a negative impact on your body. If you truly want to be sure, it is probably best to avoid sweeteners and stick to the straight and narrow.  

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