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    Eating Hard-Boiled Eggs for Breakfast to Lose Weight

    Eggs are pretty healthy, I am sure that most people can agree with me. It is something so basic and often seen as a standard breakfast item. It is readily available, relatively inexpensive and really easy to cook. Even the most basic beginner can cook edible eggs.

    One large boiled egg is only 78 calories, one of the lowest way of eating an egg. The only thing that is lower is poaching an egg, this makes the egg to be 71 calories. There is only a 7 calories difference and a poached egg is much harder for you to make it perfect to your taste. Regardless, eggs are very healthy and as long as you are eating it, it does not matter much in the way you cook the egg. But if you are being super conscious about your health, boiling an egg is one of the best ways to eat it. 

    While being low in calories, it is quite high in protein. It is a great source of vitamins and protein and both of the egg white and yolk are full of nutritious value. Most of the protein in the egg is found in the egg white. Whereas the egg yolk contains pretty much all the water soluble vitamins, fat and minerals in the egg. The egg yolk contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and sodium. For vitamins, the yolk contains B-6, B-12, A, E, D, K, riboflavin, niacin and thiamin. The egg white is basically 10% protein and the rest is water. The protein in the egg white is really good for you, it has a complete source of protein, this means that there is all the essential amino acids that your body requires. Because the egg white is pure protein, there is no fat or cholesterol, as those are in the egg yolk. While the egg white provides your more protein, it is best for you to consume the whole egg as it has more significant benefits than just eating the low calories, high protein egg white. You are able to get the most nutrition when you eat both the egg yolk and white. 

    Most people are often told to eat high protein to help lose weight. Eggs are a really great source of protein, especially since it is low in calories as well. Eating protein can help weight loss by filling you up more. By increasing your protein intake, you can increase your levels of the satiety hormones and also reducing your ghrelin (hormone that makes you feel hungry). A reduction in hunger while also feeling more full will unconsciously help you eat less calories and therefore help your weight loss. Protein also has a higher thermic effect, about 20-30%. When you eat, some of the calories that you eat are used to process the food that you have eaten. If you are burning 20% of 100 calories, then only 80 calories ends up being digested. By having a high protein diet, you can also see yourself burning an extra 80 to 100 calories a day. This might seem small, but it does add up. Over 10 days, you could see yourself burning up to 1000 calories! 

    Most people are worried about eating cholesterol in the egg yolk. One large egg yolk has around 200mg of cholesterol. Cholesterol is a yellow fat that is produced in our intestines and liver. It is often seen as bad, but we actually need cholesterol for our cells and help make vitamin D and other hormones. If you eat a lot of LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein), it can lead to a build up and increase your risk of having a cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat and trans fats are both something that increases your LDL cholesterol levels. While eggs are high in cholesterol and lower in saturated fat, studies have found that there is no relationship showing that eating eggs will cause an increased risk of having cardiovascular disease. Our bodies are able to compensate for the ‘healthy’ cholesterol we eat, and for most people, having some dietary cholesterol is not a problem. When we eat dietary cholesterol, our body will take note and produce less cholesterol ourselves. 

    Eggs contain a type of vitamin B nutrient known as choline. It is a nutrient that is essential for your brain and body. It is especially essential for you while you are pregnant as it helps with the spinal cord and brain development. There has been studies associating choline with your cognition, helping it develop in infants and might even prevent you from cognitive decline as you age. If you were to eat a hard boiled egg, you would receive around 164mg of choline, this is around 30-38% of your daily requirements of choline. Biotin is also another nutrient in the vitamin B family that I find important. Biotin is mostly known for helping your body metabolise the food you eat. It also keeps your endocrine system healthy. Both of which is very important, however for me, I find that it’s important to know that biotin helps promote healthy hair, nails and skin. It’s often suggested that eating biotin can help with thinning hair or brittle nails.

    Eggs also contain two antioxidants that are great for your eyes. The antioxidants help reduce the risk of cataracts and therefore might be able to decrease the chance of impaired vision and blindness in older adults. In particular, studies have shown that your body can effectively absorb lutein 3 times more from egg than from plant based sources. 

    The reason why I suggest eating boiled eggs for breakfast is because studies have shown that eating eggs in the morning is super beneficial for your weight loss. Making it a boiled egg makes it even better. Several studies have shown that eating eggs for your breakfast helped reduce the amount of calories intake for the rest of the day. Participants also felt more full throughout the day. As eggs can help suppress your ghrelin and stabilise your blood glucose level, it can help promote a sense of fullness that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with sugary breakfasts or high carb breakfast foods. Boiling eggs is also very easy to prepare. You could pop an egg into a pot of boiling water while you brush your teeth and it’ll be ready in 6 to 10 minutes. 

    Unlike scrambled or fried eggs, boiled eggs does not require any oil to cook. This helps decrease the amounts of additional calories you eat. When cooking your egg, don’t forget high heat can oxidise the cholesterol in the egg and can form harmful free radicals. This is usually more apparent when you fry the egg. Therefore, boiling is probably one of the healthiest way to eat eggs. But in the end, whatever method you use that gets you start eating eggs might be the one you want to stick with. There’s no point in boiling eggs if you cannot commit to it. Cook your egg in the method you are most comfortable and eat it at the time you are most comfortable to eat. Weight loss is already a hard thing to do, making it harder is not ideal. It’s great for you to do something that you are comfortable with and thereby sticking to the routine more. In the end, this will help you lose weight the most. 

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