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    Fourth Ray Beauty Skincare

    Our favourite ColourPop will be launching a skincare brand called Fourth Ray Beauty! They come out in just two days (Aug 23).

    Their products are stated to be high-quality ingredients at drugstore prices! They’re dermatologist tested, vegan, paraben free and gluten free. This skincare brand will use natural ingredients in their formula, while none of their products will cost more than $15.

    I’m all about reading the ingredients as it’s something we put on our skin. They state that they’ll use ingredients such as witch hazel and jojoba oil. My only concern is that they state that their skincare will be for all skin types. In theory, this might seem like a good idea, but skin is not all similar. I find that products that cater to certain skin types (oily, dry and etc) would be better than a one cream for all. Certainly, it’s much easier to buy skincare if it’s one product for all skin. But, when has good thing ever been easy?

    I do admit though, their products are gorgeous! They got a lightweight hydrator for $12, spot treatment for $12, gel cleanser $12 and BFD cleansing oil for $12. Their Later Hater spot treatment will include a blend of salicylic acid, surfer and calamine to provide relief without making your skin very itchy. I do think the gel cleanser will be pretty good from what I’ve read on the description. It will contain lychee, lotus, ginger and jojoba. These ingredients are natural and suggested to be highly good for your skin. I particularly enjoy the fact that they used ginger.

    They also will be selling products such as rose quartz rollers and kitty headbands. They’re cute looking, but I honestly don’t see the point of them.

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