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    Great Alternatives to Lululemon

    Karma Athletics

    Karma Athletics is one of my go to favourites. Their products are super high quality and completely made in Vancouver, Canada. This brand reminds me of the beginning of Lululemon, when the quality was good and before they stopped producing in Canada. What I really like is their Karmaluxe line! It’s a really amazing fabric that is thicker to feel (prevent see-through) but doesn’t really feel thick when worn. It’s a really high quality product!


    Ozzie material is pretty good for hot yoga. The brand was created by a Bikram yogi, so you can ensure that it’ll be perfect use for hot yoga. They make pretty printed sports bras and tights. What is great is that their products are affordable and suitable for most activities.


    Alo’s products are ideal for yoga. They’re made from environmentally friendly products and are engineered for good performance. They’ve gone from being known as a cheaper brand of lululemon to become more themselves. Their products are great from going from yoga studios to on the streets.

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