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    How Is Regular Exercise More Important Than Weight Loss for a Longer Lifespan?

    When it comes to living longer a recent study has suggested that exercise is more important than weight loss to extend your lifespan. It is very important for you to keep moving no matter what age you are. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy and happy. The study suggests that exercise is more consistently associated with a reduction in mortality risk. 

    This study was done by Glenn Gaesser from Arizona State University and it analyses the relationship between heart health, weight, fitness and longevity. As mentioned before, the results showed that those who exercise (regardless of weight) generally have a lower risk of heart disease and a reduction of premature death than those who lose weight or dieted. This included those who exercised and did not lose weight. 

    The study suggest that a weight neutral approach to treating obesity related health issues may be or even more effective than an approach centred on weight loss. They give several reasons to why a weight neutral strategy might be more effective for treating obesity. Through their research, they have found that in the last 40 years the trend of putting weight loss as the main focus in obesity treatment has been pretty ineffective. Exercise is also shown to be able to improve your cardio metabolic health regardless of weight loss and is associated with a greater reduction in mortality risk. Even if exercise training produce less or no weight loss, studies have shown that weight loss from exercise leads to a greater decrease in the visceral abdominal fat than those who do caloric restriction weight loss. 

    As you get older, many people often worry that exercising might cause them to get hurt or that you have to go all out and get a gym membership. Instead, the key is to actually just get moving. A average healthy person should try to aim for 150 minutes a week of exercise that gets your heart moving and pumping blood. This can be achieved with just brisk walking, which is a free and effective thing to do. Perhaps, you can take a stroll after dinner or walk to work. In addition, you can also try to move your muscles twice a week and also do some flexibility workout to help improve your body motion. 

    Everybody can benefit from exercise. The studies suggest that in addition to overweight and obese individuals, people who are sedentary can also benefit from exercise and decrease their risk of premature death by as much as 30% despite their weight not changing. This would put you at a lower risk of premature death than those who are out of shape despite being of normal weight. 

    What you should take from this is that although losing weight is good, it is not completely required to become healthy. You might be better off exercising to decrease your health risk than intentionally trying to lose weight. Discovering different exercise that you enjoy and will suit your life will be a great way to make exercise a habit for you. There are many different types of exercise for you to try out there. With all the positive benefits exercise provides you, removing the idea of exercising for weight loss might help clear your mind and stop the toxic ideas that form up when you workout. This might even be a game changer and help you enjoy working out more. 

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