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    Hypochlorous Acid Skincare Products to Try Out For Your Skin

    Hypochlorous acid is a type of weak acid that has started to be used in skincare products. It is known for its super strong antimicrobial properties. In fact, you can even find this acid in common bleach. Check out the bleach you have at home and look for HOCL. It is also found in all types of common household cleaners, this is why it is pretty cool that you can also find this ingredient in skincare.

    What is Hypochlorous Acid?

    Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid that is actually produced in your human body. It helps your immune system in your body to respond properly against bacteria and other types of pathogens. In addition to finding it in normal household cleaners, it is also been used in skincare products. The one difference is that skincare products have diluted the hypochlorous acid and did major testing to ensure it is safe to use on your skin.

    In fact, hypochlorous acid has to be diluted to around 100 parts per million to make sure that it is safe to use on your skin. When it is properly diluted, hypochlorous acid is perfect to help get rid of bacteria while also being gentle enough for your skin. In addition, it is even gentle enough for those who have sensitive skin.  

    Hypochlorous acid can technically be recreated by mixing together electrolysis, salt, water and vinegar. This creates the formula that mimics the natural ability of your skin to fight against bacteria and heal properly. Generally, most skincare products contain the optimal amount of hypochlorous acid to help your skin (or even your scalp) a good boost. 

    Why Should You Try Out Hypochlorous Acid? 

    A diluted hypochlorous acid skincare product can make miracles. Skincare products with hypochlorous acid is known to help your skin fight all the common skin issues associated with bacteria. This could include acne, eczema and psoriasis. Basically, you are putting on a face safe product that helps disinfect your skin, decrease your skin inflammation and also increasing your skin’s ability to heal itself. 

    Unlike some skincare ingredients, hypochlorous acid is something your body already naturally produce. It is produced in your white blood cells to help fight against bacteria and infections. In fact, when you et hurt, the hypochlorous acid in your body works to help keep the dangerous bacterias out. This means that your skin is already used to this ingredient and therefore you do not need to slowly introduce this ingredient into your skincare routine for your face or body. 

    Because hypochlorous acid fights against bacteria and viruses, it is considered to be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This makes a great product for people with many different skin concerns. Especially those concerned with their acne. Hypochlorous acid can help fight the bacteria that causes your clogged acne or pores. In addition to helping fight against acne, it can also help speed up your skin’s ability to heal and repair the damage acne has done. Basically, it helps prevent breakouts, fight breakouts and improve your skin from the breakouts. 

    Those who have red or puffy skin can also benefit from hypochlorous acid. It can seriously help fight against the redness and inflammation. My skin tends to get red quite often and I do notice a regular use of hypochlorous acid can really help gently clean my skin and reduce redness or itching. 

    How to Use Hypochlorous Acid?

    It is found in many different skincare products. However, hypochlorous acid does tend to be formulated in a cleanser or spray. Products containing hypochlorous acid is completely safe for you to use everyday. In addition, if you have acne or other issues that require spot treatment, hypochlorous acid might be helpful. For example, when I get a huge pimple that I need to get rid of it quickly, I would dab the pimple with my spray that contains hypochlorous acid. 

    All in all, it is very safe to use hypochlorous acid. If you use it as a spray, make sure to use it after cleaning and then apply other serums. As always, make sure you lock in your skincare products with a moisturizer at the end to help you achieve the perfect skin

    Tower 28 Beauty Mini SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

    This super popular Tower 28 SOS Spray contains hypochlorous acid as its main ingredient. The bottle is super cute and has a beachy feel. I found that this spray helped make my skin become clearer. It is very safe for even those with sensitive skin to use. In fact, it is also certified by the National Eczema Association to be used by those who are suffering from eczema. 

    Briotech Topical Skin Spray

    This spray actually only contains two ingredient, pure hypochlorous acid and electrolyzed salt water. This spray is safe for your whole body, in fact it states that it can be even used on piercings and tattoos. As a spray, you can use this as like a toner before you put all your serums and moisturizers. 

    Lumion Skin Serum

    This skin serum uses a proprietary technology that combines hypochlorous acid with oxygen that is stabilized at a molecular level. It is a great serum for those who have skin irritations, breakouts and want something to help reduce their inflammation. In addition, they also include dead sea salts that are packed full with minerals. I found this serum to be lightweight and pretty effective in helping you clarify your skin while keeping it hydrated. 

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