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    Kickstart Your Summer Goals

    As spring is nearly ending, most of us are trying to get fit and ready for summer. Although setting a New Year’s resolution can be pretty easy, maintaining it is a completely different story. With warmer temperatures and more sunshine, there’s no better time to improve yourself. Here are 5 amazingly awesome tips that can help you get on track with your goals again!


    Nowadays fitness apps have become more trendy as their mobility and versatility increases. They are a great way to keep up with our everyday crazy life. There are so many user-friendly apps that will help us become more conscious about what we eat, drink, sleep and do. Apps like Zombies, Run! or Tracks are new, creative ways to help motivate us to exercise more. I am a huge fan of Fitbit (it’s a bit of an investment), but the results are worth it. Fitbit lets users track the steps they’ve walked, the calories they’ve consumed and – if you have their heart rate monitor feature – you can even find out the calories you’ve burned, your heart rate and your sleep schedule!


    Make some time to relax and breathe. Bringing up your heart rate isn’t the only way to help with your fitness goals. Studies have shown that meditation helps with decreasing cortisol levels, which in turn helps decrease blood glucose levels. This helps you improve your focus, clear your mind and reduce anxiety. Meditation is not strictly confined to sedentary activities! Running can also be considered to be a meditative activity. Although it might seem strange, running allows you to focus your attention, clear your mind and reduce your stress. Because your limbs are occupied, you have time to sort through your headspace.


    It’s a great idea to set aside some time for yourself to sit and plan out your schedule if you’re struggling to find time to exercise. Even planning the day before can make a great difference when it comes to achieving your targets. It’s important that you set realistic goals and be honest with yourself in how you are going to meet that goal. Within your larger goals, it’s a great idea to set mini tasks to complete it.


    New workout clothes can contribute to enclothed cognition – which means that the clothing we wear can affect how we perceive ourselves. Clothes can help put individuals into a different psychological state. At Karma, we believe that people who look good will feel good and do great things. Wearing my Claudia Tights while exercising and on the street, has definitely helped me feel like an athlete and even go to the gym more often.  It helps me feel confident.


    Finally, being healthy is much more than just following guides and counting calories. Being healthy is about loving both your body and mind for what it is. Although being active and fit is great, you should also be working out for the right reasons. It’s not just about working out to look good, you should also be about how your body naturally feels good after working out. When you shift your focus of your exercise to feel good, everything else will come together.

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