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    Kora’s Rose Mist VS. Fresh’s Rose Toner

    I recently just got to try Kora Organic’s Balancing Rose Mist and although I do like it, I’m on the fence with whether I should get this product again. To save some viewers the time spent on reading the whole thing, Fresh has a Rose Floral Toner as well, it practically does the same thing and is basically half the price of Kora Organics’ Rose Mist. Just so you know! I will be brutally honest in this review.

    Miranda Kerr suggests that she uses the mist any time of the day and as a toner after cleansing. Which is exactly what Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner does! I guess the selling point of Kora Organics is that they’re certifiably organic, which means that this Balancing Rose Mist is organic. It’s not tested on animals, contains no artificial or synthetic fragrance, vegan and contains no sulfates. Fresh products are not certifiably organic, however, they do state that their products are all natural. They don’t test on animals and appears to not contain any artificial or synthetic fragrance and sulfates. 

    On Kora’s site, you’ll notice that they state that their products are energized with Rose Quartz. The crystal is believed to carry a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance of ourselves and others. They infuse the vibration of love into their products, or whatever that means. I do love the occasional crystal and pendants and wearing them and all, but honesty isn’t this just another form of pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique that employs stones. There is no scientific basis on how these stones will improve your skin, life or anything.

    Looking at the ingredients, they do have stuff that would help the skin hydrate and reduce inflammation. However, I just don’t think it justifies paying $42CAD (100ML) for something that I could get for $49CAD (250ML) from Fresh. Granted, Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner does not include any hibiscus extract. Hibiscus is known as the naturally firming plant, it has a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). They’re known to exfoliate, control oil, hydrate and encourage a younger and firmer face. This is all great and all, but this is coming from a mist! if hibiscus is important to you in skincare, it is much much better to get it off a cream or something that will be on your face to be absorbed properly.

    Geranium oil is great for reducing inflammation, it’s antiseptic and great for acne prone skin. Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner includes chamomile oil. They’re mostly famous for being powerful in calming and soothing your skin due to their inflammatory features found in the oil. In my opinion, both of these have the same function for the skin.

    In the end, I would probably pick Fresh’s Rose Floral Toner over Kora’s Balancing Rose Mist, mainly due to the price difference. They both have the same functions, basically the same ingredients, but one is double the price of the other. If you enjoy having your spray energized with rose quartz and is willing to pay extra, then go ahead, Kora’s Rose Mist might just be the perfect spray for you! They both smell, look and feel great on me. I would just prefer to pay a bit less for a similar product.

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