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    Lush’s Glow Stick Highlighters

    I’m excited to announce that Lush is coming out with new glow sticks solid highlighters! Coming Monday (20th Aug) they will come out with 5 new cruelty-free and vegan solid highlighters. Don’t forget to mark it down on your calendar! They will be available for one month ONLY on the Lush website.

    Their five different shades come in gorgeous names too: Rock Dove (lilac-amethyst), Ibis (warm pink/yellow for a soft rose gold), Lark (champagne), Peacock (blue-green with a hint of cobalt) and Robin (glittery pink to rose glow).

    These glow sticks are versatile and available for multi-use. Because of the quality ingredients, they are safe to use on the cheeks, lips, eyes, brow bone or anywhere on the body. These glow sticks were created without the use of any plastic based glitter. They use synthetic mica that makes them glow brighter than natural mica. Because of their uniform finish, it should not contain any rough edges and therefore makes for a smoother finish on your face.

    What I really like about their ingredients is that their glow sticks will have a base of argan oil, this is an amazing oil that helps strengthen and hydrate your skin. It will also combine organic virgin coconut oil as well. Argan oil’s main fatty acid content is made up of both oleic acid and linoleic acid. This helps support your skin and reduces the appearance of flaking. With these ingredients, your highlighter will definitely help moisturise your skin while also making you look good. 

    Trust me! You will love them!

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