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    Marc Anthony Instant Miracle Mask Damage Repair Hair Mask

    HOLY! I got nothing but good things to say about Marc Anthony’s Instant Miracle Mask: Damage Repair Hair Mask.

    It’s a rich blend of proteins, butter and oils. This helps restores your hair’s softness, shine and manageability while also protecting it from future damage. The few essential ingredients in the products are amazing for your hair too. Shea butter helps moisturise and smooth, avocado and grapeseed oil helps with the dry and damaged hair, hydrolised wheat and keratin helps with your split end and provide a nice dosage of protein. This product is paraben free, sulfate free and phthalate free too!

    I’ve been a long time consumer of Marc Anthony’s Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment and moving to this has been live changing. I’ll admit, I see no difference at all with my hair after using either one, other than the Instant Miracle Mask gives off a nice fruity smell. The biggest selling point for me to get this one instead is the price! The Instant Miracle Mask and the Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment are both great quality products for supermarket prices. 

    The directions tell you to put it between 3 to 10 minutes, I personally prefer to soak it into my hair and take a nice bath with it on for like 20 to 30 mins. There’s no harm in putting it longer on your hair, plus you get to come out feeling refreshed from a nicely deserved bath.


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