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    Mustela’s Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel with Organic Avocado Review

    Ever since I was young, my mum has been very careful in buying what products to put on my face and body. Mustela’s products are the ones that always pass the mum test! I’ve been using their Gentle Cleansing Gel with Organic Avocado ever since I was little and I can attest that it is pretty good! 

    Mustela is a really nice French family brand that has been producing baby skin products since 1950. Even till now, all their products are manufactured in Eur-et-Loire, France. It is a fancy brand that is considered luxe and clean. Their products have always been very popular with family with and without kids. 

    Gentle Cleansing Gel with Organic Avocado | Mustela

    It is scientifically proven that babies have super sensitive and delicate skin, therefore it is very important in choosing the right product for them to use. This gentle cleansing gel has been dermatologist tested and is vegan. 90% of the ingredients in this product are of a natural origin. In addition, the formula is biodegradable. This means that the carbon containing ingredients will be able to be decomposed into non-toxic and simple substances in around 28 days or less. 

    The formula is great for newborns, children and those with sensitive skin. One of their key points is that they include organic avocado in their formula to protect and respect your skin. Soaps often are considered to be mostly alkaline and usage over time might lead to dry or damaged skin. Therefore, Mustela included avocados as their active ingredient to help make the cleansing gel more moisturising for the baby. The idea is that the healthy fat in the cleanser will balance out the drying effect of cleaning and thereby keeping your skin soft and supple. 

    The avocado in the cleansing gel leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft every time I finish using it. If your skin has a tendency to be rough and dry, it is worth trying this out. It is perfect as it has the ability to hydrate the deeper layers of your skin and preventing water loss from your showers or baths. 

    The antioxidants and vitamins presented in avocado can also help heal your dry and irritated skin. For example, if you have eczema or contact dermatitis, then you know how your skin can get red, dry and flaky. We are often seen using cream to keep our moisture locked in and hoping it gets better. The avocado in the ingredients can help respond to your skin inflammation and soothe it gently. You can feel safe using this on your body without worries. 

    Vitamin B5 is also found in this product. It is also known as pantothenic acid, a water soluble nutrient. Nowadays, it is found in many skincare products because it is an ingredient that is very moisturising. It is considered a humectant, this means that it can attract and hold moisture in the skin. Think of it like pouring water into a sponge, it can fill in the space between your dead skin cells and help keep you moist and soft. It is something that even those with very sensitive skin can use. 

    Mustela Soothing Cleansing Gel for Very Sensitive Skin, Baby Body Wash,  Fragrance-Free, with Natural Avocado Perseose, Various Sizes

    Because this is an organic body wash, it consist of natural ingredients that will be healthy for all skin types. When I was a child, I used to occasionally get allergic reactions and eczema. Therefore my mum took great care on making sure I get the best possible product that would not trigger my issues or make it worse. This product is great because it does not make skin conditions worse, as the name mentions, it is a gentle cleansing gel. It is free from all hash chemicals and this prevents you from getting skin allergies from the chemicals. 

    Even to this age, I still use it! Caring for my sensitive skin requires a very holistic approach. I go from knowing what kind of detergent to use to making sure I remember to do a patch test before I try out new skincare products. This is why I can assure you that this Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel is one of the best body wash ever. The most important part of a body wash is that it is good for sensitive skin and that it will moisturise and support your skin barrier, preventing your skin from getting red and irritated or drying out. 

    If you have kids or you just have sensitive skin, you should try out the Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel with Organic Avocado. Check out the ingredients yourself and evaluate the product. Let me know how it goes! 

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