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    Summer Trend: Skorts

    This summer, skorts are back in style!
    In the last week, I went crazy and bought two skorts. While browsing through many different stores, I’ve noticed that skorts has become a trend that is re-emerging. Skorts are all about being able to function without losing the femininity that skirts present. It gives you all the security and coverage that are associated with the shorts and includes a subtle sexiness from a skirt. Since it’s becoming popular, I’ve decided to write about my top 5 faves 🙂
    1) Zara’s High Waist Shorts
    Honestly, this looks so good, I had to buy it for myself. It’s completely black with a side zip that allows for one to easily put it on. It’s very beautiful and molds to your body perfectly, plus the black makes you look super fit. For me, it has a slight casual yet formal feel, so you can definitely wear this to work with an appropriate shirt. Obviously, this great as you can wear it both for work and for casual days. You can currently get this at Zara for $35.90CAD
    2) Urban Outfitter’s Kimchi Blue Strapless Skort Romper
    This sleeveless structured romper presents the perfect blend of functionality and femininity. I love the notched detailing at the neckline, it’s like a subtle tease to whoever you are wearing it for. The notched neckline adds visual interest to the clothes and subtly allows for people to focus on your upper area. This romper also has pockets which increase its functionality. Urban Outfitter is selling it for $79USD Online, it’s available in black and also patterned white.
    3) Forever 21’s Woven Origami Skort
    This skort has a fold over waist and slanted front pockets. But what really shines is how the skort is double pointed. Just earlier last month, Taylor Swift was spotted in L.A. wearing a black, origami-front Misguided skort. You can get the same look from forever 21’s woven origami skort for a cheaper price – only $21.80CAD
    This skort is super soft and is made of neoprene that is stretchy. The floral pattern is a must have for summer. The flowers contrast nicely against the white dress and create a subtle yet bold statement. I think the flowers help present an even more feminine feel to the skort. It presents itself as a classically beachy piece that can be considered to be a summer staple. It’s stylish and versatile and the print is the definition of fun. Hollister is selling the floral neoprene wrap skort for $42.95CAD.
    5) Missguided’s Verity Skort Navy
    Super cute crepe skort. I love the dark navy colour as it works fantastically with simple tops to create a sophisticated yet cute look. In my opinion, Missguided as a brand is an upcoming brand that will later be at the forefront of the latest fashion. Currently it’s an online shop, however, I believe in the future it will embrace the spotlight and become popular. Get it online at missguided for $17USD.
    I was not paid to provide reviews of these skorts 🙂










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