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    Tatcha’s New Satin Skin Mist

    Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Tatcha, but their products are great. They really like to market the fact that they’re a Japanese brand and whatnot. Low-key, I dislike how they’re marketing themselves as a Japanese skincare brand when they’re not really a Japanese skincare brand. The brand was started by Victoria Tsai, who is an Chinese American who lives in San Francisco. Tatcha’s headquarters are in San Francisco and she draws inspiration for this brand from her TRIP to Kyoto. Today, Tatcha works with scientists in Japan and America to create formulas for the brand. But despite that, I don’t think it’s TRUELY Japanese, when in Japan the brand is usually placed with the American skincare brands and not with the Japanese local brands. This kind of just takes shade at the brands that actually originated in Japan.

    Anyways, back to the product!

    Tatcha has blessed us with ANOTHER new product! The Satin Skin Mist is their second face mist in their lineup. It’s intended for those with combination or oily skin and is marketed as a ‘balancing liquid powder’. The mist blends silk and clay powders from Okinawa together to make a oil free product that can be spritzed onto your skin before or after makeup. It helps balance out the excess oil that you may have on your face and create a satin smooth like finish.

    This Satin Skin Mist helps nourish your oily skin while also creating a dewy feel to it. The formula is lightweight and yet keeps the skin hydrated. It is inspired by the Okinawan Kucha clay to hydrate, balance and clarify the skin. The formulation is suppose to keep your skin feeling fresh with a more velvety texture.

    The skin and Okinawa clay powders blended together in the formula helps absorb any excess oil that appears on your face throughout the day. The product has the same active ingredients and hydration benefits as the Water Cream they also sell.

    This Tatcha Satin Skin Mist felt nice on my face. It wasn’t chalky and does indeed help restrict some of the oils on my face that comes out during noonish. I would say this product would be great for those living in locations with higher humidity.

    The Tatcha Satin Skin Mist comes out TODAY (May 18) and is sold in Sephora and on Tatcha’s website!

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