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    Things to Do in Asakusa in 2019

    I love Asakusa! It is in the centre of Tokyo and the one place where old Tokyo feels still exist. During the Edo Period, Asakusa was once the place where you could go for Kabuki and the red light district, then it eventually added modern entertainments such as movie cinemas.

    The Sensoji Temple is also located in Asakusa. The temple is built in the 7th century and therefore makes it one of the most oldest buildings in Tokyo and makes it one of the most famous and popular temple in Tokyo. People will visit through entering the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), this is the outer gate of Sensoji Temple and is the symbol of Asakusa. The mini shopping street called Nakamise connects the outer gate to the temple’s second gate. This street is often full of typical Japanese souvenirs and traditional local snacks.

    Nishisando Shopping Street

    A super gorgeous covered shopping street built in the theme of Edo Japan. It’s basically left of Sensoji Temple. This small market area has tons of shops selling souvenirs. Although their souvenirs aren’t particularly different from the ones you would see around the temple, I think it’s a nice place to stop by to admire the architecture and perhaps take a few photos.

    Textile Culture and Ukiyo-e Art Museum

    This nice museum is right outside of the Nitenmon Gate of Sensoji Temple. It’s also known as Amuse Museum. The museum displays textiles and good collected by Chuzaburou Tanaka, around 1500 items are on display at a time. There’s a permanent exhibition called BORO, the word bro means rag, a piece of cloth that has been repeatedly sewn and fixed over generations.


    One place you HAVE to go to if you love matcha or ice cream is Asakusa’s Suzukien. They are known for the world’s most intense matcha gelato. They store has 7 types of matcha gelato, ranging from mild to the strongest matcha gelato. Suzukien is a tea shop that was opened in 1853 and they became well known nowadays with their collaboration with Nanaya (sweets brand). Generally, there’s a lineup just to get their ice cream. What’s great is that their store is right behind the Sensoji Temple and so you can grab the ice cream and have a nice stroll around there.

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