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    What Are the Benefits of Fermented Skincare and What Should You Look For?

    Fermentation is something that has been used since ancient times. In fact, historians have traced evidence of fermentation in food preparation dating back to at least 6000 BC. Pretty much all of every civilisation has had at least one type of fermented food in their culinary history. Fermentation is an important process that helps preserve food and makes them edible during winter. It was seen as one of the most reliable and long term method for preservation. Recently, fermentation has been popular in the skincare industry as people dive more into their benefits on your skin.

    Fermented Skincare – What's The Big Deal? – K-Beauty Muse

    Although, it’s been more of a recent trend, you are likely to know a few products that are considered to be fermented skincare. For example, lactic acid that is really popular nowadays is actually fermented as it is derived from fermented milk. In food, fermentation helps aid your digestion and absorb nutrients. The benefits are similarly considered in skincare, the fermentation in the skincare ingredients allow for it to be more concentrated and believed to be more easily absorbed. 

    When an ingredient is fermented, the microbes in the ingredients broken down into smaller molecules. This allows for it to be absorbed more into your skin and therefore will make it more efficient at treating your skin concerns. Think of it like wine, the fermentation uses yeast in a natural way to process the enzymes. The microorganisms in fermented ingredients are often similar to our own, this makes it easier to be absorbed as our skin would recognise it. Not only that, because it is similar to our own skin cells, there is generally less of a chance for a skin reaction to the skincare product. This makes it ideal for those who have sensitive skin or those who get easily irritated from skincare products. 

    Applying products that are fermented can also help inhibit the growth of bacteria and toxins. The different types of fermentation creates acids that are in a low pH environment and therefore helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Much like how fermented foods can last for a very long time without going bad, the antimicrobial features can extend the effectiveness of your skincare and therefore remove some of the filler ingredients that some skincare companies use to extend the shelf life of your products. 

    Fermented products have the ability to help balance your skin’s microbiome. Skincare products with fermented ingredients tend to have anti-inflammatory benefits. You will be able to enhance your skin while preparing it to be more calm, less inflamed and a stronger skin barrier to defend against free radicals. The probiotics in the products also helps balance your skin microbiome. It supports your skin health and strength and allows for them to work more efficiently. 

    If you are looking for ingredients to brighten your face, sugar acids is a popular chemical exfoliant that is already in many skincare products. You should aim to look for products with sugar or fruit acids, they work by rubbing onto your face and weakening the bonds between the dead skin cells and your face and therefore allows for new cells to regenerate. When it dissolves the upper layers, a smoother and brighter surface of your skin is revealed. Look for ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid. 

    Putting kombucha on your face is the newest skincare trend

    To strengthen your skin’s ability to defend themselves from environmental stressors and UV damage, you should try to use products with kombucha. Kombucha is known as fermented tea, black tea is generally used for skincare as it is known to help create a natural healthy glow. Kombucha also contains a lot of vitamin Bs, these are often used in skincare products to help achieve a natural glowing complexion. You could use products with kombucha in the morning to help provide an invisible barrier against the daily environmental stressors you may encounter. 

    All in all, if you haven’t tried any fermentation based skincare ingredients, you aren’t too late to jump on the bandwagon and try it out! It is great for everyday skin and all skin types and concerns. Recently tried a new skincare product with fermentation? Let me know what you think!

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