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    What I Love About My Fitbit Inspire 2 and Why Fitbit is Worth It

    For someone who works out and likes to know my stats, Fitbit is one of the best and biggest fitness tracking wearables and they give us a few types to pick at a different prices. Since everybody have different needs and price ranges, it’s nice that there’s several versions to pick from. I think my Fitbit has motivated me to visualise and achieve my exercise and health goals.

     I use the Fitbit Inspire 2 because it has the core basics without being too over the top. What I really wanted in my wearable was a heart rate monitor, waterproof and activity tracking. I like knowing my heart rate, how much I’m pushing myself, how my sleep is and calories burnt throughout the day. It’s small and slim and user friendly. If I wanted more, I could always upgrade to the Charge where they also provide GPS, Fitbit Pay and Spotify. However, I felt that those features are unnecessary as I’ll be honest, I’m literally next to my phone 24/7. The Fitbit Inspire 2, is currently the most affordable tracker that provides the great basics for everybody. The watch is able to last up to 10 days on just one single full charge. 

    A lot of people find that Fitbit are able to help them exercise more. The app itself has a feature where you can join friendly competitions with friends such as step racing or exercise bingo. This is great as walking often has a really positive effect on people’s fitness and their general health. I am completely in love with the Fitbit app, it’s just so user friendly and provides you with so much information about your daily health. Each user signs up with a customised profile so the watch is able to collect more accurate data. 

    The Fitbit really motivates me into moving more. I’m always in several friendly competitions between friends and it makes me push myself to workout extra or just make sure I hit the 10k steps a day goal. It provides a visual accountability in what I’m doing. I get to see how much I’m pushing myself or whether I need to tone it down a little. All my data can be generated into a graph and I can see how I’m doing over days, months etc. The app also has the ability for you to log your food to help you achieve your calorie goals. 

    For those who stress often, Fitbit has a new Mindfulness section. They provide meditation and guided breathing exercises. If you have the premium subscription, you also get access to more mindfulness sessions from other apps. 

    Over the years, I’ve always considered getting an Apple Watch when it’s time to change my Fitbit. However, for my fitness goals, I find that the Fitbit is personally a better choice for me. I’ve looked at the Apple Health app and the Fitbit app and concluded that the Fitbit app is much more user friendly and provides extensive data on my fitness. Fitbit is also less expensive than the Apple Watch, especially if you don’t need the extensive functions such as GPS or Apple Pay. 

    If you’re new to the fitness tracking wearables, it’s probably a good idea to get the Fitbit Inspire 2, it has everything you need without being too over the top. The app works amazing and it’s comfortable enough to wear it everyday (even in your sleep). In addition, if you get the Inspire 2, you also get one year’s worth of the premium subscription that gives you access to more workouts and meditation sessions. 

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