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    Winter Skincare Guide: Protect and Nourish Your Skin

    When winter comes, my skin starts to go into struggle mode. My lips crack, elbows dry and skin peeling. Because of the lack of moisture in the environment and the fact that heat is practically on 24/7 your skin eventually dries out faster than it does during summer.

    First, you gotta know the main culprits to dry skin.

    • You wash too often: too much soap and cleanser can strip away the good natural hydrators.
    • Your water is too hot: too much hot water can also strip your natural oils and cause irritation.
    • You are over exfoliating: once again, too much can cause you to strip your natural oils
    • You’re not drinking enough water: obviously, drinking water can help improve your skin’s hydration
    • You expose your face to the cold air: the cold harsh air during winter will make the exposed body parts more susceptible to dryness.

    After showering, it is ideal to gently pat yourself dry and then put on some body cream. The body cream will help trap water in the surface of your skin. The reason why I mentioned body cream is because there is a difference between lotion and cream. Cream is generally a heavier moisturizer and since winter is more drying, it is ideal to use something heavier and oil based to trap moisture in your skin better than a water based lotion would.

    A great way to make sure you skin gets a good amount of moisture is to put cream on at night. Your skin doesn’t act the same way during the day and night. When you sleep, your skin is in a regenerative mode. Your body (especially your hands) gets dried out throughout the day with exposure and washing. The night time is the perfect time to undo some of the damage and keep yourself moisturized.

    Obviously, if you’re trying so hard to hydrate your skin, you gotta hydrate your insides too! If you’re not drinking water enough, your body will use the water you have for essential functions in your body to keep you alive. It is ideal to drink at least half a gallon or 2 litres a day minimum.

    If you have dry lips, make sure you’re looking for lip balms with hydrating ingredients such as moringa oil, petroleum jelly, shea butter or beeswax. If you got dry skin on your lips, make sure you don’t bite them off. You should do a lip scrub to help you gently exfoliate your lips. This can be done with a soft bristled toothbrush.

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